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Submit your label and packaging artwork easily and quickly with these guidelines designed to help you streamline the order process.

Uploading Your Artwork

  1. Begin by selecting the product you want to order and click on Build Your Product.

  2. Customize your CBD product using the online product builder.

  3. After selecting your product specifications you will reach the step Upload Artwork.

Screen Shot 2020-09-11 at 4.05.19 PM

Not sure how to build your CBD product? Check out this article on how to use our CBD online product builder.

NOTE: Products ordered in a quantity of 25 or fewer are considered samples. Custom artwork services will not be provided for these quantities.

4. Add your artwork.

  • If you have your own artwork:

    • Drag and drop your files into the button marked Drag n' drop or click to upload, or click on the button to open and locate your desired files.

    • Make sure you are following the artwork guidelines provided in the template.

  • If you don't have your own artwork and want us to design it for you:

    • Click on I need you to design my artwork.

  • If you are not sure about it:

    • Click on Skip this step for now.

5. If you need to make any changes (such as editing, deleting, or uploading your artwork later), check out this article on how to update your files.


Artwork Guidelines

Below is a guideline to ensure you are using the correct formatting for your labels and packages.



Please refer to the provided PDF template to ensure that your artwork is of the correct size and dimensions for the product label and packaging you are building.

Sample product template

Product templates can be downloaded from the Upload Artwork page shown above and will help you visualize how the following sections will be placed on a label/package:

  • QR Code

  • Barcode

  • Product Title & Specs

  • Nutrition Table

  • Ingredients

  • Company Info


File Types

  • Ensure artwork is being uploaded in one of the following file types: TIFF, PDF, EPS, or high res JPEG.

  • Files should be exported in the CMYK color spectrum.



  • All font should be outlined for the best visibility.

  • Font size must be at least 4 pts (anything smaller will be unreadable).

  • Do not use application styles on text (i.e. bold, underline, italic, etc). Use the style variation of the specific font(s) used in your design.



  • Art needs to be rasterized in full (no exceptions).

  • DPI count needs to be a minimum of 450 to ensure high quality (no exceptions).


Print Layers

  • Additions such as UV spot or spot white need to be exported and provided separately.


QR & UPC Codes

  • All QR codes should be minimum 0.45 inches.

  • UPC/barcodes codes must meet minimum size requirements (0.5” x 1”) for scannability.

  • Choose black when possible for the barcode color, over a white or light-colored background. Color choice is critical for barcode scanning performance.

  • You can obtain barcodes through outside services or work with our own vendors as part of THP’s available turnkey services. We suggest you have bar codes included on your labels.

  • Unless you tell us you are applying for your own barcodes, we will provide your labels without barcodes. For more information, contact us at 1 (800) 791-0270 between 9 AM and 6 PM (EST), or send us an email and one of our representatives will be in touch with you shortly.



  • Set up files as spot color (Pantone coated) and/or CMYK.

  • Convert RGB files and images to CMYK.

  • Let your customer service representative know if you need your labels to match any existing labels, capsules, Pantone colors, etc. If no matching instructions are provided, your labels will print per your artwork file builds.


Label Design Preflight

All artwork submitted is subjected to a preflight inspection process to determine if the art is suitable for printing and to identify potential pitfalls. Any revisions to files will require prepress charges at the current hourly rate. Failure to follow the above guidelines can result in delays of production and printing your order on schedule. Art formats not supported may also require additional charges to convert to a usable format. Please contact us with any questions or for art recommendations.

All artwork is subject to the terms and conditions.